Incorporating a fancy cut diamond is where the personality of your loved one can shine through. Research diamond trends and learn from the anecdotes of friends, but at the end of the day, picking the right cut shows just how well you know your lover!

This guide will help you narrow down what fancy cut fits your needs. Once you’ve got an idea, book your appointment at Vancouver Diamonds! Let us help you distinguish their personality and translate it into a brag-worthy ring!



If a modern Cinderella wedding is what your significant other has in mind, you want an equally romantic ring!

The soft rounded edges of a cushion cut diamond evoke a classic romantic feel. It may not be as brilliant as other cuts, but it stands out with its originality. Some of the world’s most famous diamonds, like the Hope Diamond, are cushion cut diamonds.

The princess cut diamond is known for being dainty yet contemporary. It is a square diamond with sharp uncut corners known for its intense sparkle. The princess cut is considered to be the runner up in popularity, right behind the round brilliant.

There is nothing more romantic than a heart. The heart cut diamond is the very definition of giving someone your heart! When shopping for a heart cut diamond, keep proportions in mind. The most obvious example being you want both lobes of the heart to be the same size. In 2017, a record-breaking 92-carat flawless heart cut diamond sold at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale for approximately $14 million!



For someone who’s perfect big day tosses all convention out the window in favor of doing this their way, you need to pick a cut as distinctive as they are!

A pear cut diamond is delicate, unique and looks great in a halo setting. This cut often seems more substantial than it is due to how much of the gem shows from above. The Cullinan I or Great Star of Africa is a whopping 530.20-carat pear cut diamond and is set in the Royal Sceptre on display in the Tower of London.

The marquise cut diamond has a very distinct shape with pointed ends at risk of chipping if not protected. Choose from a bezel, prong, halo or split setting to cradle your marquise diamond. Like most fancy cuts, pay close attention to proportions. Make sure the stone’s length is twice the size of its width for perfect symmetry. Is your significant other a history buff? This diamond cut dates back to the 18th century when King Louis XV of France commissioned a diamond cut that resembled his mistress’s lips, the famous Madame de Pompadour. Nothing says pucker up more than a diamond!

The emerald cut diamond is the perfect shape for any vintage lover. This sophisticated and glamorous step-cut diamond evokes strong Art Deco vibes. What this diamond lacks in sparkle it more than makes up with it’s remarkable clarity. The large table of this cut shows a lot of diamond and has been seen on the fingers of many Hollywood stars: Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and more!



A classic wedding is one of timeless elegance, sophistication, and steers away from trends and flashy details. Does this sound like what’s in your future?

The Asscher cut diamond creates an incredible optical illusion referred to as the “Hallway of Mirrors”. It is the very definition of decadence. It shows a shocking clarity like that of an emerald cut. Symmetry is vital for this one, so make sure the gem you pick is perfectly square. For someone with a vintage flair, the Asscher cut offers Art Deco vibes while keeping close to a classic shape. The most famous of Asscher diamonds was worn by Elizabeth Taylor in 1968 and weighed in at 33.19-carats!

The radiant cut diamond combines the best of a variety of cuts into one impressive gem! This cut combines the brilliance and fire of a round brilliant but with the unique shape of the emerald and Asscher cuts. Megan Fox’s engagement ring from Brian Austin Green was a 3-carat radiant cut on a platinum and diamond eternity band.

An oval cut diamond is perfect for someone who likes a classic round brilliant but is looking for a slight twist. It has the advantage of usually looking larger than round stones of the same weight. Keep in mind the length-to-width ratio; most people prefer a longer oval shape. The oval cut diamond looks fantastic as part of a halo or flanked by side stones!



Incorporating a fancy cut diamond is the perfect way to add a more personal touch to any ring. From classic to contemporary, and every personality in between, there’s an option to choose from. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a gift to yourself, let Vancouver Diamonds guide you through selecting the perfect fancy cut for you.