One of the most iconic items of jewelry owes its name with a particular racquet sport and has a storied history as a classy gift for a loved one. The tennis bracelet first earned its moniker during the 1987 US Open, when American tennis legend Chris Evert lost her designer diamond bracelet during a match. The game was delayed as she furiously searched for it on live television, but Evert remained unflappable, going on to win the tournament for the fourth time.

woman plays tennis next to diamond bracelet

Chris Evert at the fateful game that forever changed the name of the Eternity Bracelet to Tennis Bracelet in popular culture.

Tennis bracelets feature a flexible band set with diamonds interconnected in one continuous line. The bracelet is known for its flowing movement, and this ability to move with the wearer and catch every glimmer of life.

Styles of Tennis Bracelets

The bracelets make a special yet unassuming gift, especially when commemorating a special event like a birthday or the holiday season. Tennis bracelets are usually made from platinum or gold, and simple designs feature a single loop of diamonds. Round cut diamonds are usually used, although princess and emerald cuts can also work. Bezel and fishtail methods can add further depth and have to do with the way that diamonds are set into the band.

Three of the most popular tennis bracelet styles.

three diamond bracelets

The rise in popularity of the tennis bracelet means that there are many different styles available, and bracelets will often have two or three lines of diamonds in a row. They can also be dressed up with a collection of charms if that special someone enjoys the art of showing their personality through customized jewelry.

The Cut is Important


Tennis bracelets are more versatile than one would imagine. The cut of the stone, the positioning, and the width make each unique and very stackable.

Tennis bracelets are ideal for stacking and add sophistication to any look.

three diamond bracelets on woman’s wrist

The most popular cuts for traditional bracelets are:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Emerald

Stylish accent for men’s wrists.

Man wearing watch and diamond bracelet

Presenting the Perfect Pre-Proposal Gift

Remember to go the extra mile when presenting your gift by wrapping it for delivery yourself. It may be too obvious to unwrap a box from a jewelry store and may lead to some unexpected expectations, especially if a diamond engagement ring is on the horizon. Instead, opt for a creative solution like wrapping it alongside another coveted gift, or in an envelope with a handwritten letter.

Above all, remember to look for a tennis bracelet that includes a safety clasp with a side latch for additional security; otherwise the wearer could end up searching on the ground for the priceless piece or worse, wondering where it possibly could have disappeared.

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