Vancouver Diamonds is about more than engagement rings! Did you know that we create men’s diamond jewelry that will add sparkle and class to all of the fall’s top looks? With each piece being custom designed, your options are endless in conveying your style.


A row of sparkling diamond stud earrings

Diamond studs are a classic choice. Traditionally professional athletes and musicians come to mind – Justin Beiber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Timberlake – when thinking of men’s diamond studs. Now this accessory has so many options for customization they can fit any personality or lifestyle. Go for a louder look with a larger diamond or bold shape. If subtly is more your style, smaller diamonds, and more classic shapes will bring a hint of sparkle to any look. Diamond studs make an excellent gift for any jewelry lover and are sure to go with anything. To get the most of your studs, choose a setting with the least amount of metal touching the outward-facing surface of the diamond. This trick will make it the gem seem more significant.


A row of diamond-studded necklaces for men including an ankh, cross, dog tag

Consider men’s diamond necklaces in popular media. A small diamond pendant is perfect for accessorizing work outfits or more formal attire, like a date night suit. Diamond chains can elevate any party outfit with just the right amount of sparkle. If even more bling is in order, go all out with larger diamond-studded pendants. These come in the shape of crosses, dog tags, team logos, and just about anything one can think of to create the perfect statement piece.


A row of men’s cufflinks with different gemstones including sapphires and black diamonds

The cufflink boasts a surprisingly long history, having first appeared in the 1600s. They, however, did not become popular as a fashion accessory until the 19th century. From there, they quickly became one of the few “acceptable” pieces of men’s jewelry. Even though cufflinks give little leeway when it comes to their design since they need to remain practical, their options are somehow endless. From something as simple as diamond studs of varying sizes to cufflinks in the shape of logos, animals, or with surprisingly intricate designs, there are dazzling options for any man. Diamond cufflinks are great for adding a hint of bling – and personality – to any dressy look.


Two men’s engagement rings featuring black diamonds and a large Round solitaire

Engagement rings for men are not a new accessories concept, but their popularity has increased drastically in recent years. The diamond engagement ring, traditionally given to women by men, was first recorded in 1477. Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the first diamond engagement ring for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy.

This action launched a trend among the European aristocracy, and far beyond. The long-standing tradition is now changing. More than ever, with gay marriage legalization across the globe and women choosing to be the ones to propose, men are sporting diamond engagement rings. Whether it’s a subtle diamond set in a thick band, or a row or two of larger gems, there are plenty of options for your finger.


A man adjusts his tie on his wedding day wearing a pave diamond band

Diamond jewelry for men has significantly evolved over the years. As fashion pushes past its traditional boundaries, so do the options available to add accessories to men’s looks from casual to professional. From subtle and sleek, to loud statement pieces, there is something shiny for everyone.