When looking for a unique way to convey to a loved-one that your feelings for them will be eternal, consider the gift of an Eternity Ring. Easily designed and created with the expert guidance of Josh Raber, owner of Vancouver Diamonds, this ring is the ultimate symbol of lasting love.

A bride wearing an Eternity diamond ring as part of a wedding set with white flowers

What is an Eternity Ring? 

The Eternity Ring gets its name from the gems set around the entirety of the ring, which acts as a symbol of never-ending love in a relationship. Although the classic wedding ring has its place when sharing this same commitment to another person, the Eternity Ring is another special way to express this feeling.

Sometimes, the Eternity Ring is meant to mark a milestone in a relationship, such as an anniversary or the birth of a child. However, we would like to stress that no special occasion is required to declare love with this distinctive piece of jewelry.

The idea of the Eternity Ring can be traced back at least 4,000 years when the rings were offered as a token of eternal love and life. Some of these early models included a serpent, which signified infinity and the endless cycle of life and death.

Three Eternity diamond rings of various sizes in white gold

Creating the Right Eternity Ring

The most important thing to remember about an Eternity Ring is that it can never be resized if there are gems all the way around and why custom-designing yours with Vancouver Diamonds is a wise decision.

Three Eternity diamond rings of various sizes in both yellow and white gold

These ‘full’ rings can also be slightly cumbersome to wear and can be harder to find without being custom ordered. A ‘half’ ring with gems set halfway around the circumference of the ring does not have the same restriction and is often a safer bet when comfort and ease of wearing is a priority for the wearer.

Regardless of whether a full or half ring is desired, there are many options in making the ring stand out, such as using a mix of gems like diamonds, sapphires, and other precious gemstones.

Three Eternity diamond rings for men of various sizes in white and rose gold, platinum

Princess cut, and emerald cut diamonds are often the best shapes for eternity ring stones, as their geometric shape is more compact and harder-wearing than round-cut stones. Round cut diamonds in pavé or claw settings may sparkle more, but they are delicate and must be worn and treated carefully.

We are able to create the perfect Eternity ring for you or your loved one in platinum; white, yellow or rose gold, with the stones of your choice.

Eternity Rings at Vancouver Diamonds

Vancouver Diamonds offers a multitude of different styles of Eternity Rings through our custom design process. You can count on supportive one-on-one service in a relaxed setting to find the Eternity Ring that is perfect for you or that special someone in your life.