Mothers Day at Vancouver Diamonds

There is a certain bond that can’t be broken. It is present before the moment that you are even born. That bond is the love shared between a mother and her child.

Your mom taught you how to tie your shoes, cheered you on at the sidelines and helped you ace school projects. The amount of hours she has spent worrying about if you were okay is longer than the airtime Friends has had. Although sometimes she may not always show her unconditional love for you in the best way, it was always there. She was your rock and will always be your biggest fan.

It’s time to show her the love and appreciation she deserves this year with a gift that will last a lifetime.

Pick out something that can enhance your moms natural beauty and glow. Whether it’s a pair of diamond studs, dangling earrings or a nice tennis bracelet, you could make your mom shine like never before.

New parents have lots to celebrate! Give her something with your newborns name engraved in it, make sure to leave room for any future names you want to add in! Show the appreciation for your partner that she deserves this mothers day, perhaps it’s time to surprise her with an upgraded wedding band or an anniversary ring? Nothing will replace the original engagement ring you got her when you first proposed but a new one with different features may just be the perfect gift. Don’t forget, Father’s Day is just around the corner and the more generous you are to her the more she will remember and potentially reciprocate in June!

If you have been away and want to plan an extra special surprise for your mother or partner on your upcoming trip than speak with a specialist about customizing something she can cherish forever.

A diamond is forever and nothing says thank you mom for always being there for me like a beautiful pendent that will always be there with her. Every time she looks down she will be reminded of the person who gifted it to her just to show her some appreciation.

Make this a Mother’s Day she will never forget with Vancouver Diamonds, call and speak to a specialist today about the perfect piece of jewelry that will sweep your mother away.

Do you remember being in elementary school, when your teacher made you give Valentine’s gifts to everyone in the class? You would spend the whole night before colouring in hearts and sticking them to chocolates with your mom. Each individual person got there own, but there was one that you double layered, with extra construction paper, added some sparkle too it and really made it stand out beyond all others. This is that extra special one intended to impress that crush you had in class.

Fast forward a few years to high school, its a whole new playing field. A Valentine is serious business. You could choose the safe route and slip a sweet note in their locker, or have something delivered entitled “From your secret admirer.” That’s one way to do it. But that’s not always the best way to handle things… In some cases you should go right up to her and hand her that rose, bouquet, card or box of chocolates and find out right there and then if she feels the same way!

Especially in your adult life you shouldn’t escape the nerves of Valentine’s Day… You should embrace it!

A diamond is forever, so give a gift to wear with pride and constantly remind them of you.

Now, where you are in the relationship will certainly alter which gifts are deemed suitable. A sweet heart pendent or studs are great for the beginning stages. Throughout the years you two might want to start thinking about bumping up the style and gems in the gifts to show the levels of love you have for your partner.

This year is the year to trump all others by not only showing her but also everyone around, just how much she means to you. You have finally got past the “Building stages” in the relationship, this is it, you know she is the one. The person that you want to share the gift of love and life together. When you choose the person you want to share those 4 special words for. The words that you have dreamed about telling her since you first caught yourself mesmerized in those big beautiful eyes.

The choice is yours, whether it will be at the park of your first picnic, favourite restaurant, or where you two first met. Why not propose at some magical place you have never been too before, leaving an everlasting first impression. Many choose to pop the question in the comfort of their own home, because the mood, music, candles and rose pedals can all be set, just right. This is your story, you tell it your way.

Those four magic words tell her that she is your forever and you want to share that with her. We wait our whole lives for this moment, the magic, the ring. A custom ring, designed and engraved exactly how she would want it, its a gift above all others. The big day is just around the corner so don’t hesitate to book your appointment today so you can truly sweep her away.

It only takes one moment to change a life. Make your moment this Valentine’s Day, change your relationship and lives together, forever.

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