Diamonds: Perfect 10-Year Anniversary Gift

It seems like only yesterday you were saying “I do,” but you blinked, and now a decade has passed! Ten years is an important milestone! Ten-year anniversary gifts have plenty of traditions attached to them.

Wedding bands on a turntable

Traditional 10 Year Anniversary Gifts 

This anniversary is traditionally marked by a tin or aluminum gift to represent the durability and flexibility of your marriage. If you want to give your partner some new bling to mark the occasion, diamonds will be the way to go. Their timelessness is the perfect representation of the love you have for each other. With so many different options available, let’s explore three possibilities.

  • Diamond

Like diamonds, your relationship is strong. No matter what kind of jewelry preference your spouse may have, there is a diamond gift for them. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade their wedding ring, or even add another ring to their finger.

Three diamond rings

  • Change Up the Shape

If you went with a more traditional looking wedding ring, consider going in a different direction this time around, like am Pear cut diamond.

three rings with blue stones

  • Go for a Pop of Colour

 If you’d like to offer your significant other a pop of colour, try a coloured diamond. Blue is one of the colours associated with the ten-year anniversary.

Three diamond pendants

  • Perhaps a Pendant?

If your significant other is happy with their wedding ring or their ring finger has already run out of room, a diamond pendant may be the way to go. There are many different styles, but a simpler pendant is perfect for adding sparkle to any outfit.

There are so many options for a ten-year anniversary gift. When the option is to choose from aluminum, tin, diamond, we suggest that you go with diamond!