Ring the Bells: Abigail & Jason Got Married

With the birds chirping and a creek babbling in the background, Abigail Cameron and Jason Hundle prepared their wedding party of ten for the first of two weddings.

A group of women sitting on stairs in white robes

The first a traditional western wedding in white and a hint of gold, followed the next day by an Indian wedding in ivory, raspberry pink, and gold.

A group of men in blue pants and shoes

The Brew Creek Centre in Whistler provided a rustic background to this cross-cultural celebration. The 20-acres of private property bursting with greenery; the grounds were an oasis of rainforest and ferns, brightly blooming flower gardens, and fragrant herbs.

All around the couple were two families bursting with pride and love for them, toasts and cheers, and the camaraderie of the groomsmen.

A group of women in Indian wedding attire

A group of men in Indian wedding attire

Abigail’s lengha was custom-made by Sunny’s Bridal in India. Assisting in the design, the bride wanted floral on her dress with some negative space to incorporate the beauty of Indian design with her Western spin.

A bride walks with her father outside

Her Western wedding dress was designed by Theia Couture of Rituals of Love in Vancouver to contrast the Indian lengtha. It was a lesson in stunning simplicity with a low back. Abigail’s two-tiered veil was from the Jane Ryan Collection with sections of her mother’s wedding dress incorporated. She placed the lace herself as part of the design process.

A set of wedding bands on white flowers

The couple’s rings were custom designed at Vancouver Diamonds. The Grooms ring was hammered and brushed gold. The Engagement Ring was a simple round 2.1-carat diamond with 18-carat gold. The wedding band was a sparkling infinity band that did not detract from the large diamond of the engagement ring.

When seeking a jeweler to design the perfect set of wedding rings, Jason consulted his friends who recommended Josh Raber. Abigail shares “the experience with Josh was seamless, and he always delivered exactly what we envisioned. My engagement ring was exactly what I had always wanted. Josh was able to take Jason’s requests and then design my ring. When it came to designing our wedding bands, it was an obvious choice to go with Vancouver Diamonds again.”

A couple kisses at their wedding

If a single picture tells a thousand words, this couple’s devotion is worth a million dollars!

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