Sapphires: More Than Just a Blue Beauty

For those who love a little color, sapphires are sure to please. Famous for their deep blue color, they come in a wide range of shades and types. Ideal to gift for your 5th or 45th-anniversary sapphires are the second-most durable gemstone and are excellent for daily wear in pieces such as wedding or engagement rings. If your bride-to-be is a romantic at heart or just likes to stand out, Vancouver Diamonds will help you work sapphires into your jewelry designs!



A sapphire’s quality is judged similarly to that of a diamond, using the 4 Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat. However, a sapphire’s quality depends mostly upon its color. In general, the more vivid and uniform the color, the more valuable the stone.

When it comes to inclusions, they can make the gem less valuable if they threaten its durability. On the other hand, visible inclusions referred to as fine silk (needles) can increase the value of the stone. For example, Kashmir sapphires contain tiny inclusions that scatter the light providing a velvety appearance.

To achieve the best color, sapphires are cut to maintain their proportions as well as their weight. The largest known sapphire was found in January 2016, known as The Star of Adam. This gem weighs in at a whopping 1404.49-carats! In comparison, most gems of commercial-quality weigh less than 5.00-carats.



Sapphires not in the blue color range are referred to as fancy sapphire. These gems come in an array of colors ranging from violet, purple, green, yellow, orange, pink and even colorless. Each color comes in its own range of saturation and when choosing the stone for you, it really is based upon personal preference. The rarest of all colored sapphires are the Padparadscha Sapphires. This salmon-colored gemstone is a perfect mixture of pink and orange hues. Who can forget Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring, featuring a large Padparadscha Sapphire, surrounded by a halo of diamonds?


A quality blue sapphire will have a velvety blue to violet-blue tone; those less so appear grayish, lighter or too dark. A beautiful example of a blue sapphire would be Kate Middleton’s engagement ring from Prince William. This stunning 12-carat sapphire ring, surrounded by 14 diamonds, once graced the hand of Princess Diana.



These romantic gems are known for lore and symbolism, adding to the sentimental meaning of a sapphire gift. Representing September’s birthstone this stone has traditionally symbolized nobility, sincerity, faithfulness, and truth. Kings and queens wore sapphires as they believed the stone would protect them from harm and attract heavenly blessings. Within astrology, sapphires are associated with the planet Saturn and recommended for those under the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus.



Sapphires present something for every taste and combining them with diamonds offers a modern twist. For those who love gems with symbolism, sapphires offer those that anyone could want for themselves and their relationship. If you’re looking to design a ring as rare and as unique as your significant other, a sapphire creation is a beautiful option.

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