The new year has always been a time to refresh and renew. Whether it is indulging in some much-needed self-care, a trip to the salon, or enjoying the newest fashion trends, we are always curious about ‘the next big thing.’  In 2020, trends in engagement rings include a new It gemstone and styles that are unique, fashionable, but also classic. Whether you are a traditional bride or leaning towards contemporary, a visit to Vancouver Diamonds will help you choose the right gems and design for you!




An emerald engagement ring is an excellent choice for those desiring unconventional sparkle. This gorgeous green gem is traditionally a symbol of love, good fortune, and loyalty, making it the perfect representation of your relationship. The emerald is unique as well as diverse; with a shade to match every skin tone. It’s important to note that emeralds are softer gems than diamonds, so they may require more maintenance and care. Clean your ring regularly (but avoid chemicals!) and store it away from other jewelry.




The three-stone ring, also known by some as the trilogy setting, offers rich symbolism in a small package. Representing friendship, love, and fidelity or a couple’s past, present, and future, it’s a delightful sentimental choice in style. If you’re looking for a ring with many options in customization, this is a great option! Don’t shy away from mixing cuts, colours, and even different gems. In recent years, this ring trend received a royal endorsement. Duchess Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, designed by now-husband Prince Harry, features a centre stone from a country that holds special meaning to the couple. With an extra personal touch, the 5-carat centre diamond is flanked with two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal jewelry collection.




The Toi et Moi ring (French for ‘you and me’) is another ring with beautiful symbolism. Two gems side-by-side represent the close and precious bond shared by partners. This ring has options too, with a variety of band styles and the opportunity to mix gems and cuts in one ring. The two-stone ring is as historic as it is romantic! Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to Joséphine Beauharnais with a diamond and blue sapphire ring, while Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding ring was diamond and emerald.




The halo ring has been a popular choice for years, featuring a circle of diamonds around the central gem. This twist offers sparkle at a new angle. From above, a classic solitaire diamond, but from the sides, a pave of smaller gems adorns the band. This ring trend is perfect for someone looking for some extra bling while keeping the ring looking elegant.




Looking for the flair of more glamorous times? A vintage engagement ring or one designed to look like era’s past – Victorian or Georgian era – can offer a timeless, elegant feeling. A fan of the roaring Twenties? An art deco ring with its characteristic geometric shapes offers clean lines without lacking in originality. Whether repurposing a family heirloom, perusing a vintage shop, or designing your own, it is guaranteed to be unique.




The term fancy cut defines any cut that isn’t round brilliant. An Emerald, Oval, Pear or Marquise diamond offers a multitude of ways to express the bride’s personal taste in unique ways while also sticking to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

This year’s ring trends offer up options for even the choosiest bride. No matter how much or how little bling is in mind, 2020 has a ring in store for you! When it comes to engagement rings at Vancouver Diamonds, your imagination is truly the limit.